Department of Pharmacy


The Department of Pharmacy is a newly established entity that aspires to become one of the leading academic hubs for imparting pharmacy education. The Department has state-of-the-art laboratories that are equipped with high quality scientific equipment, a separate facility for housing animals for experimentation, as well as a botanical garden. Additionally, the spacious classrooms offer an excellent teaching and learning environment for both instructors and students alike. More importantly, the founding members of faculty are a group of deeply passionate educators and researchers who understand that it is through high quality teaching as well as conducting impactful research that will set their Department apart from other institutions.

In its initial phase the Department plans to offer a 5-year program that will culminate in a PharmD degree. Subsequently, graduate programs that will lead to Masters (and PhD) degree in various pharmacy disciplines will be launched.

Department of Pharmacy expects to produce knowledgeable, creative, and hardworking graduates who will be sought after by top-tier academic institutions as well as well-established corporations.


The Department is currently led by Dr. Fazal Subhan who earned his PhD from Cardiff University in Pharmacy (Pharmacology) and has over 35 years of academic experience as teacher and researcher. As the founding Chair, Professor Subhan oversees all administrative and academic workings of his Department and is determined to take it to great heights.


To ascertain that the Department continues to improve over time and particularly during its formative years, it is essential for the Department Chair to be associated with a group of highly experienced and accomplished individuals who he can turn to for consultation. Thus, the role of the Advisory Board will be to provide specific advice and support, as and when requested by the Chair, to advance its teaching, research as well as faculty development programs. 

The following individuals has very kindly agreed to serve as founding members of the Department of Pharmacy Advisory Board.

Dr. Robert D. E. Sewell

A graduate of University of Bradford, Dr. Sewell obtained his Ph.D from the Institute of Science and Technology (UWIST), University of Wales and subsequently became a registered pharmacist. He served as Senior Lecturer, reader and Professor at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University where he was Director of the Postgraduate Studies (Clinical Research). He remains associated with Cardiff University as an honorary professor. Professor Sewell area of expertise is drug dependence and tolerance, and mechanisms of neurodegeneration and drug actions on memory and Computer Assisted Learning (CAL). He is a Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and was awarded an Alberta Heritage Visiting Scientist Scholarship as well as British Telecom Partnership Award for teaching and learning in science. He also won the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) award in Pharmacy. More recently, he received the Anokhin Centennial Medal.

Dr. Rudd John Anthony

Dr. Anthony is currently serving as the Director of Laboratory Animal Services Centre, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Previously he worked with Glaxo Group Research in the late 1980s to explore the potential use of the 5-HT3 receptor antagonist, ondansetron, to antagonize chemotherapy- and drug-induced emesis. He was also part of a team that mapped 5-HT3 receptor distribution in the human and ferret brainstem and first to show increases in levels of 5-HT in the plasma of patients receiving cisplatin-based chemotherapy. He pioneered the use of the ferret to model chemotherapy-induced acute and delayed emesis (now a gold standard model) and discovered that NK1 tachykinin antagonists could be used to prevent the acute and delayed phases of emesis induced by cisplatin: now NK1 tachykinin antagonists are a cornerstone of treatment for delayed emesis. He has an ongoing interest in broad inhibitory anti-emetic drugs and works with several leading pharmaceutical companies to aid drug development. His group continues to study the role of brain-gut axis in mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and diabetes.

Dr. Paul Deslandes

Dr. Deslandes obtained his Ph.D. in Psychopharmacology at Cardiff University and is a registered pharmacist in the UK. He works as a Senior Lecturer in Medicines Management and Prescribing at the University of South Wales and as a Pharmacist at the All Wales Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre. He is also an Honorary Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University, UK. For over ten years he has worked as a specialist of mental health in a hospital setting. His research interests focus on patient outcomes associated with medicines used for treating various mental illnesses. He has been a member of the British Association for Psychopharmacology since 2005, and Royal Society of Biology since 2015.

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