Produce qualified and well-trained pharmacists who will be able to play their role for provision of safe and effective medicines.


We strive to become a front-runner in improving health care of people through excellence in pharmacy education and research.


  • To prepare highly competent pharmacists who can cater to the health care needs of the community at large, as well as those of the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, and research

  • To provide health professionals with continuing educational services in different areas of pharmacy practice

  • To promote high quality research in clinical, basic, and applied pharmaceutical sciences.

  • To uphold a Pharm-D program that is contemporary and continuously responsive to changing times

Scope Of Pharm-D

There is a dire need for professionals within the healthcare sector in Pakistan and outside. Given the positive rate of population growth, increased longevity, poor hygiene, and unhealthy lifestyles that invariably culminate in infectious or non-communicable disease, the demand for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other allied health professionals is likely to increase significantly over time. In view of the foregoing, the future of pharmacists looks bright.
The proposed program aims to produce human resources that will serve the healthcare sector of Pakistan. We anticipate that most of our graduates will be placed in pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, academic governmental institutions, while others will either become entrepreneurs or go abroad to further their education. Collectively, we hope that our graduates will go to serve the society at large in a significant way.


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